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Corporate video is 24 frames per second. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then imagine how much more 24 frames per second can convey.


Corporate, Digital

Initially, there was an appetite for documentary and a real interest in the world of corporate business. To meet that demand, Frames has conceived and produced audiovisual content since 2008. This way, we draw upon our knowledge of the filmmaking tools to bring artistic and technical added value.

A new world

engaging messages

In order to answer to a demanding audience asking for more meaning, in a world where the amount of images makes them less and less easy to decipher, Frames synthesizes what matters, to show our present times, demystify complex subjects and report individuals actions.



Because it is necessary to inform, explain, document, allow experts to speak about subjects they know, to give a voice to those whose experience might help others, to discover places, people and ideas, to shine a light on todays thematics and tomorrows stakes.


dedicated teams

To respond to every brief and imagine new concepts for every screen, our teams include writers, directors, graphic designers, motion makers and many other talents who can adapt to businesses needs.


First, assessing every solutions regarding production, and broadcasting. Then, Making the most of the people being filmed during shooting and postproduction. Finally, Determining formats and identifying the best rythm to draw the audiences attention.


Because the equipment has become miniaturized over the years and in order to offer lightweight shooting solutions for greater flexibility and agility, Frames has its own 4K production and post-production facilities.


Because each company is different...

Each subject is unique and deserves a specific treatment. Shooting in studio or on location, stock images, voice over or not, music, color grading,...


Size doesn't matter

Although we've produced films over 4 continents, for major french companies and international clients, we also make films for non profit organizations.


Write to us

Companies of all sizes are welcome to contact us. We would love to hear more about your business.

Audiovisual technicians and artists, make yourself known! We always look forward to meet new talents.

99, rue Rouget de Lisle


92150 Suresnes


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